How to maintain a clear complexion


Do you have oily or acne-prone skin, combination, or suffer from hormonal acne?

As someone who has struggled with acne and dark spots, I will tell you that such is no boost of self-esteem and confidence. It’s well known that acne can affect more than just your skin- it kills your confidence and self-esteem.

From an article – says that some studies have shown that ” people with acne experience social, psychological, and emotional ramifications at the same level as those with chronic health problems, like epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis.”

Too many breakouts that leave dark spots on your skin can cause a hell of stress on one’s well-being. One finds themselves worrying about what others think of them or if they are really listening to you but looking at your acne and wondering if you have tried that proactive acne wash being advertised on Tv to clear your complexion.

Your ambitious self is threatened, you become socially isolated, confidence, and self- esteem becomes a thing of the past.

Stop worrying yourself many of us have been down that road. It’s not a pretty one……

Here are some of the few things you can do to improve the appearance of your skin and eventually gain a clear complexion that will bring back your confidence.

It’s a ritual that you must befriend and never unfriend….

1. Wash your face twice a day, washing your face two times a day [ morning & evening] will remove the excess oils and dirt and all the impurities that build up on the surface of the skin while you sleep or go about your daily routine. When you wash away all the unwanted build-up, helps yo unclog your pores that could lead to breakouts. Also, note that there are individuals that believe washing your face more than two times a day yields more benefits, not at all! Over-washing can strip your face of her natural oils leaving you with dry skin, skin that is cracking hence more susceptible to infections.

Water alone may not help you achieve your goal especially for those with oily/combination/acne-prone skin. So, head out to your favorite beauty store or online beauty store and buy a good clean (organic/eco-friendly) cleanser that is formulated for oily skin types. You can also check out our Oily/Combination Skincare products. Be. Flawless Line..our clarifying cleanser has shown results and so has the other products that go with it such as a toner, gel moisturizer, and mask. You are on you way to a clear complexion.

Oily/Combination Skincare

Another thing to consider when buying your favorite product is to read the ingredients and or ask for help if you need help to find one with gentle ingredients, most products on the market for oily skin have harsh ingredients which may worsen the situation, so if you simply buy anything, that says oily skin or for acne you may not get your money’s worth but skin that’s extra irritated and dry.

2. Buy products with gentle ingredients; Salicylic Acid which is a beta hydroxy acid which helps to alleviate inflamed pimples, it prevents future breakouts ( great on blackheads and whiteheads). Salicylic acids penetrate into your skin and dissolve away the build-up/dead skin clogging your pores.


src="//" alt="Clarifying Facial Cleanser" />

Tea Tree Essential Oil– This oil is anti-inflammatory and has anti-microbial properties. It works to reduce redness, swelling, inflammation, prevent and reduce acne spots/scars. Using a cleanser, facial mask and facial moisturizer with this oil will improve your skin’s appearance and if used routinely will leave you with a smooth, clear, and glowing complexion.

Bentonite Clay, this clay is light green/ beige colored clay which is used in cosmetic recipes like soaps, bath bombs, masks, etc. Bentonite clay helps to unclog pores and absorbs bacteria but if overused can dry skin. So, if you are using a mask with this clay using it twice a week is enough.

Clarifying Facial Mask

Plantago Major (Plantain) – plantain leaf is known to have anti-irritant properties, treat acne and rosacea. Prevent inflammation and scarring by inducing faster healing and regeneration of skin cells.


Aloe vera, this amazing plant contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C, and is known to be highly anti-inflammatory. It’s used to treat burns, acne, and dry skin. Works to reduce redness and irritation. soothes and heals skin.

3. Nutrition: Skin is an organ like any other parts of the body, in fact, “the largest” it doesn’t function well when dehydrated. Foods with healthy oils and omega-3 fatty acids will increase your skin’s appearance and general health. Drink plenty of water, water doesn’t only aid digestion, circulation, absorption & excretion. Dehydration ( loss fluid ) leads to dry skin, dry lips, sunken eyes, and flakiness & other mental and physical disorders.

4. Rest: Sleep aids healing, helps to restore and eliminate toxins from the skin.

I’m not a certified skin specialist, this is entirely from my personal experience. If topical products don’t give you any results, please consult with your doctor.

Stay Safe!

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