Oily Skin/Acne Pron

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Our Be. FlawleSS Line is.. Naturally Formulated for oily skin, acne control/prevent.  Infused with Tea Tree Essential Oil & Organic Aloe Vera Juice.  Benefit:  Tea Tree Essential Oil...
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Hair Care

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All natural Hydrating shampoo.  Infused with Avocado Oil Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oils.  Benefit:  Naturally cleans scalp & hair targeting breakage, damage and encourages growth and strength.  Smells...
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Pet Care

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We use only simple natural ingredients in our Pet Care Line. Benefit: Soothes itching & naturally deodorizes, moisturizes, softens & adds shine to coat. All Natural. Paraben Free,...
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Hakuna Matata Children's Haircare Line. Wonderful Fruity Smelly, Our hair mist naturally detangles & hydrates hair targeting breakage and damage.  Benefit:  Growth & Strength.  Paraben - Free, Phthalate...
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